Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Melody Pictures Dorset Merino Mix Fleece

This is Melody. She is a Dorset / Merino Mix.

I don't know what to call this side, so I just called it "bottom" and then later I'll take pics of the other side and call it "top." I've numbered the areas so they are seen better up close.

#1 with the star is at the top
#2 with the circle is the right side
#3 with the cross is the bottom
#4 with the diamond is the left side.

Alright wool people. I need your help figuring out what is good and what is trash.

Full fleece:

Upper portion, #1:

Right side, #2:

Bottom portion, #3:

Left side, #4:

Up close, left side near #3:

Up close left side near #3 toward the bottom:

Up close left side #3 with crimping?

Up close up top #4

Up close right side, #2:

Up close right side, #2:


  1. This is a well skirted fleece from what I could tell without touching. It looks pretty good, from this I would say wash it all.

  2. What about cutting out the bad parts? I think the pics don't show enough of the black greasy stuff. This is only one side. I'll get pics of the other side later today.

  3. I think we'll need pics of the other side before passing judgement about this fleece. We're seeing the cut ends (they were next to the sheep's skin), so the other side should tell us where the poopy parts are--if there are any.